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SG-AS50/75** series servo motor drives


modbus, canopen, M2/M3, EtherCAT

Rated power


Adapting motor

130~180 Series Servo motor

Rated voltage


Main Features

    Input voltage: three-phase 220VAC (- 15%~+10%), 50/60HZ

    Control mode: position, speed, torque, bus communication

    Encoder type: 2500/5000 line incremental photoelectric encoder

    17bit/25bit/23bit absolute encoder

    Communication protocol: RS 485, MODBUS, CAN OPEN, M 2, M 3, Ether CAT

    Current loop response frequency: 2KHz (Ether Cat version 8KHz),

    Speed loop response frequency: 1KHz (Ether Cat version 1.5KHz),

    Position ring response frequency: 800Hz

servo motor drives

Product Details

SG-AS50/75** series servo motor drives


Control modePosition   control, JOG operation, speed contacts, etc.
Encoder feedbackOrdinary   incremental encoder: 2500 lines incremental standard type 2500 line   incremental province-wire serial encoder: 217/216 bit absolute encoder
Conditions of UseAmbient   temperature / storage temperatureAmbient   temperature: 0 ~ + 50 ℃, Storage temperature: -20 ~ + 85 ℃
Humidity / storage humidity90% RH or   less (no freezing or condensation)
Resistance to vibration / impact resistance4.9m/s2/19,6m/s2
StructureBase mount
PerformanceSpeed control   range1:10000(Lower limit of the speed control   range is the smooth operation at rated load without crawling)
Speed response1KHz
Rate volatility (load variation)0 to 100%   load; 0% (rated speed)
Rate volatility (voltage variation)Rated   voltage ± 10%: 0% (rated speed)
Rate volatility (temperature variation)25 ± 25 ℃: ±   0.1% or less (rated speed)
Analog speed   command inputCommand   voltageDC±10V
Input impedanceApproximately20KΩ
Circuit time parameter47 μ s
Analog torque   command inputCommand   voltageDC±10V
Input impedance约20KΩ
Circuit time parameter47 μ s
Sequence input   signalCount8Point
Function (distribution)Servo ON (/   S-ON), P action (/ P-CON), prohibits Story side driving (P-OT), prohibiting   reverse side driving (N-OT), alarm reset () / ALM-RST, positive Zhuance   torque limit (/ P-CL), reverse the measured torque limit (/ N-CL), the   position deviation is cleared (/ CLR), the internal set speed switching can   be allocated and the signal of the positive / negative logic change
Sequence output signalCount6Point
Function (distribution)Servo alarm ()   ALM positioning completion (/ COIN) consistent speed detection (/ V-COMP)   servo motor rotation detection (/ TGON) Servo ready (/ S-RDY), torque limit   detection (/ CLT) Brakes (/ BK) encoder zero output (PGC) can be assigned as   well as the positive / negative logic of the signal change
Encoder Dividing pulse outputA phase, B   phase, C: linear drive output; divider pulses: can be arbitrarily set
1:N   CommunicationCan be up to N   = 127 station
Axis address settingBy parameter   setting
CANCommunicationsProtocolCANOpen (DS301 + DS402 profile)
1:NCommunicationCan be up to N   = 127 station
Axis address settingBy parameter   setting
Display FunctionCHARGE LED, 7-segment 5
Regeneration treatmentBuilt-in   regenerative resistor or external regenerative resistor (optional)
Overtravel (OT) prevention functionP-OT、N-OT Enter the action of   dynamic brake (DB) stop, deceleration stop or free-run stop
ProtectionOvercurrent,   overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, speeding, regeneration fault, encoder   feedback error, etc.
Monitoring functionsSpeed, current   position, command pulse accumulation, position deviation, motor current,   operating status, input and output signals
Accessibility FeaturesGain   adjustment, alarm recording, JOG operation, origin search, inertia   testing
Smart featuresBuilt-in   automatic gain tuning function
Use load inertiaLess than 5   times of motor inertia
Position controlFeedforward   compensation0~100%(Setting unit 1%)
Input pulse typesSign + pulse   train, CW + CCW pulse train, 90 ° phase difference between the two-phase   pulse (A phase + B phase)
Input pulse formSupports   linear drive, open collector
Maximum input pulse   frequencyLinear   drive
    Sign + pulse train, CW + CCW pulse sequence: 500K pps
    90 ° phase difference between the two-phase pulse (A phase + B-phase): 500K   pps
    Open Collector
    Sign + pulse train, CW + CCW pulse sequence: 200K pps
    90 ° phase difference between the two-phase pulse (A phase + B-phase): 200K   pps


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