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AC Servo Motor



Rated speed

Rated voltage

Main Features

    8.4 inch digital screen display;

    Bus series lathe numerical control system;

    Front U disk interface, rear RS232 serial port communication and network port communication interface;

    It has four shapes: horizontal, vertical, split facial mask, and split independent keys;

    16 input signal interfaces are reserved at the rear of horizontal and vertical systems;

    Provide differential type external hanging handwheel interface


Product Details

XYH-998Ti bus series lathe numerical control system adopts Link industrial Ethernet bus control technology. The full closed loop control of the position loop is realized with the grating ruler to meet the high-precision control requirements of the machine tool; It is suitable for truss manipulator, automatic feeding and other automatic equipment to provide convenient technical supply for automatic production line.

◎ 1ms interpolation cycle, minimum control accuracy 0.001 μ m;

◎ The maximum number of control axes is 5, and the maximum number of PMC axis control axes is 4;

◎ 3-way analog voltage, ± 10V optional, 2-way spindle encoder feedback;

◎ Standard configuration: 32 inputs and 32 outputs, expandable;

◎ With USB, RS 232 serial port and network port data transmission mode,

◎ Support MODBUS communication protocol and FTP protocol;

◎ Support automatic shift control of M and T type 4-speed spindle;

◎ Support secondary development and online modification of ladder diagram, and real-time monitoring of ladder diagram status;

◎ Support background program editing and macro program programming of class A and class B;

◎ It has the function of hand pulse trial cutting and hand wheel retraction;

◎ Program path preview and program processing path drawing are available;

◎ With chip breaking and servo tuning functions;

◎ With servo spindle rigid tapping waveform diagnosis function and spindle synchronization function;

◎ Port has password security center function and programming tailstock function;


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