All round solution for lathe processing

time 2022-11-21
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Xinyuhai Servo Motor of CNC Multi axis Machine Tool Applied to a Machine Tool in Zhejiang.

The solution of XINYUHAI can be used to produce high-volume precision parts, and because of its short setup time, it can also be used for small volume production.


Requirements for dimensional accuracy

XINYUHAI focuses on selling standard machines, and also provides fully equipped machines and all assembly tools. Multi axis machine tools are mainly used to produce parts that will be used at a certain time in the future, including fuel injection pump components, valve needles, pinions or nozzles - all accuracy grades are within the tolerance grade IT5

The core component of XINYUHAI E-CAT multi spindle automatic lathe is a compact spindle drum, which is equipped with eight fluid cooled motor spindles and uses synchronous technology. They have stepless speed control, high torque and compact design; And maintenance is not required. Due to the increase in the number of spindles and tool holders, SG-AS can also process highly complex parts in one operation.


In addition, two rotary synchronous spindles are available. Each spindle can handle up to seven finishing machines, four of which can be powered on. Two back-end machine tools can process workpieces at the same time, which is a new function.

The perfect process for producing the perfect part

In all cases, the superior speed and feed rate can be set for each spindle and cutting edge by programming and can be modified even during cutting. The eight liquid cooled motor spindles integrated in the spindle drum have the function of stepless speed change, requiring no maintenance, and are driven by synchronous motors. Kermorgan AKM permanent magnet servo motor is installed on the cross slide table.

The synchronous motor in XINYUHAI system is also equipped with high-quality control device, which has high torque density. In the design process, an appropriate power volume ratio will help XINYUHAI make better use of small drives. In a limited workspace, space needs to be used carefully.

High torque density

High power, small footprint: XINYUHAI motor is used as the positioning axis of the tool. Its power density is high, the design is compact, and the floor area is small. The rotary motion of our servo motor is converted into linear motion without gears. For this purpose, the ball bearing spindle is directly connected to the motor shaft. "We need zero backlash and stiffness, especially in multistage thread cutting, so that the tool can be fine Completes the next processing step of threaded accessories.


Direct drive in the work area

When using these functions, XINYUHAI does not need to install the AKM synchronous servo motor in the working area in advance - motor installation is a time-consuming process. The specially designed servo motor can meet the requirements proposed by XINYUHAI, and has passed the extensive test of IP67 to ensure that the working area is in order. Thanks to the special washable exterior coating, the motor can directly

It is installed on the cross slide. This allows these components to be directly introduced into the machining process without affecting their service life. The remaining problem is connecting cables, which are constantly bombarded by metal chips. Therefore, Cole Morgan placed them in metal cable ducts specially designed for XINYUHAI. Now, this collaborative engineering design

It can safely protect the servo driver and its wiring, avoiding metal chips flying around.

As a result of the cooperation project, the XINYUHAI synchronous servo motor fully meets the operating conditions of CNC multi spindle machine tools and also meets the integration standards. Background: It is required that the motor can be seamlessly connected with the overall automation device of the machine, and it does not need to be changed at great expense. XINYUHAI has achieved this.

It enables the servo motor to directly cooperate with our control unit, give play to its performance advantages, and be used for metal processing without being limited by connection technology. Up to now, except for Siemens brand motors, motors produced by other manufacturers are inseparable from special and expensive DRIVE CLiQ sensor modules. "DRIVE CLiQ can be used for AKM motors,

Help us continue to process the position signal 1:1 without any SMC module, thus saving space and money, "and we can make full use of the performance advantages of XINYUHAI motor in this application."